In light of the current worldwide pandemic, consumers and industry leaders have shown explosive interest for iFabric's innovative SARs-CoV2 destroying technology PROTX2®AV sparking worldwide media coverage shown on the largest media outlets since our launch just this year.

Infection Control Today

Ready for the Next Pandemic? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Coming)

World Health Organization

WHO warns Covid-19 pandemic may not be the big one

Vogue Netherlands

Here’s what you want to know about anti-microbial fashion Featuring PROTX2®AV Technology

Zozo Fashion Tech | English

Functional fibre market attracting attention due to its antiviral effect: Canadian textile coating "PROTX2 AV"


Broadcast Video | Canadian biotech company says its anti-viral clothing kills 99.9 per cent of coronavirus

The Motley Fool

3 Red-Hot TSX Stocks That Can Make You Rich | Featuring iFabric Corp.

YAHOO Finance

iFabric Corp Reports Results for its Second Quarter Ended March 31, 2020

COVID-19 can survive on common fabrics: study

Ark Industries

UA Sportsmask: What You Should Know About It & PROTX2


Can antimicrobial fashion protect you from the coronavirus? Featuring PROTX2®AV Technology

Zozo Fashion Tech | Japanese

【特集】抗ウイルス作用で注目される機能性繊維市場:カナダ発テキスタイル・コーティング「PROTX2 AV」

News Straits Times

The Under Armour sports mask is here Featuring PROTX2®AV Technology

Business Insider

Under Armour's Sportsmask sold out in less than an hour, as people scramble to find masks they can tolerate while working out

the List

The next big fashion trend could be antiviral clothing

BDO Canada

KEEP INNOVATING | BDO Canada discusses PROTX2®AV Technology

Mens Health

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Launches Under Armour Face Mask Featuring PROTX2®AV Technology

Antiviral Clothing Aims to Shield Against COVID-19 Featuring PROTX2®AV Technology


Article | Canadian biotech company says its anti-viral clothing kills 99.9 per cent of coronavirus

Everyday Health

Can Antiviral Clothing Protect You From COVID-19? Featuring PROTX2®AV Technology


Under Armour Unveils Sportsmask, A Performance Facemask For Athletes Featuring iFabric's PROTX2®AV Technology



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